F-A GRANITE & BASALT  is one of the largest supplier & manufacturer of granite and basalt in Turkey. We supply a wide range of high quality and well selected natural stone products.

Featuring a wide range of products, F-A GRANITE & BASALT offers the sector new generation solutions for both standard and custom made products, which is in line with the world-class productions standards that exceeds even Turkish norms.

All this is made possible because of the Company’s advanced technology and high quality standards, as well as the success of its sustainable production processes. F-A GRANITE & BASALT  produces and exports slabs, tiles, cut-to-size products and cube stones to approximately 20 countries around the world, including USA,Germany,France ,Greece and other European countries, Vietnam,Korea,Central Asia and the Far East countries…

F-A GRANITE & BASALT  is administrated from its headquarters in Izmir with an experienced and customer-focused staff. In addition to our head office , our factory is located near Izmir city and we give continuous service to our clients and meet their diverse needs from Turkey and wholesale distribution warehouses in several countries. We have our own marble, granite and basalt quarries in Turkey.

Tiles, cut to size, cube stones and slabs are the most manufactured products. Also balusters, columns, steps, risers, sills and thresholds are produced in high-tech equipped factories. We have been supplying many natural stone products with different finishes and sizes, in large quantities for many projects in the world.

F-A GRANITE & BASALT  is the premiere address in the world market for anyone seeking high-quality GRANITE AND BASALT products; and we commit ourselves for the complete satisfaction of our clients with accurate trade and delivery process.

If you are looking for Turkish granite ,basalt and TOP QUALITY,

We are ready to supply your demands. Every order of our Customers is provided by our company in high quality and Competitive price.

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